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  WMF® 1100s Bean to Cup speciality coffee machine using Lavazza® Coffee Beans
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WMF 1100s bean to cup machine at a glance

 - Top quality Lavazza bean based drinks;
 - Office/workplace or cafe/restaurant/bar;
 - Automatic cleaning program;
 - Integrated Milk foamer
 - Simple touch button operation;
 - Serves 40-80 drinks a day;
 - Automated cleaning - no training required;
 - Will fit in most standard kitchen areas;
 - Hot water facility;
 - Pre-programmable beverages;
 - 24 hour on-site repairs;
 - Milk Chiller 3.5 litre or larger available

  WMF 1100s Coffee Machine Overview   WMF 1100s Technical Specification  
This WMF 1100 S is our entry level machine for serving up to 80 cups per day. It enables sites to produce extremely high quality bean-to-cup speciality coffees easily and consistently. Equipped with the Basic Milk System and choc dispenser, even the most sophisticated of favourite recipes can be customised with the machine – Via both the convenient touch display with its cutting-edge operating concept and the super smart WMF MyCoffee App.

This bean to cup based system operates exactly as you would expect from such high quality equipment - a touch screen interface allows you to choose and then dispense the coffee you require.

This machine can be plumbed or can be tank operated. We highly recommend the milk cooler unit is added, to complete the ensemble.

Every WMF machine we provide comes with a 24 hour call-out maintenance service which sees your machine fixed or replaced.

- View the user guide - PDF Version
- Standard UK AC electrical socket within one metre
- Power supply: 1.9KW - 2.3KW / 230V
- Water source within a metre

- 325 mm Width
- 561 mm Depth
- 500 mm Height
Empty weight 25.5Kg

Dimensions: 3.5 Litre Milk Cooler
- 227 mm Width
- 469 mm Depth
- 345 mm Height





  Coffee Beans and Cocoa   Lease your WMF 1100s  Machine  
Stateside Coffee also owns the Cotswold Coffee brand - which supplies a huge variety of coffee beans, teas and other hot and cold drinks. We supply our own range, plus Lavazza brand coffee beans - the bestselling coffee beans in Europe.  We also supply two brands of cocoa. So you can choose to use your WMF machine from a wide range of beans and soluble products.

Coffee Beans:
Cotswold Coffee Beans (x 8)
Lavazza (x6)
Nestle (x1)
Hot Chocolate
Le Royal

Each coffee bean option is available to order in cases of 6 x 1kg bags. You can order by phone during office hours or online via your personal login to our website - available 24 hours. Free delivery is provided on all orders of 4 cases or more. We are also happy to advise on which coffee beans will be best for your business.

- View our full range of beans and cocoa in detail at Cotswold Coffee

The WMF 1100s is available from Stateside Coffee on a lease basis.  This ensures that should there be any problem with the machine during the contract, you will receive a maintenance call and fix or replacement within one working day - essential if you are serving coffees as part of your business.

Our lease agreements last five years, during which time you pay a set monthly/weekly rate for your machine and pay for your coffee beans and cocoa as you require them.  Your coffee and cocoa will be supplied by Stateside Coffee at an agreed contractual rate.

The WMF machines are made specifically for commercial use and are very robust.  But if your machine should malfunction, you have our peace of mind 24 hour on-site fix/replacement promise.

Why lease this Bean to Cup machine?

Answer: This is a perfect machine for a low volume environment which requires 20-80 cups a day.  An entry level bean to cup machine which will provide high quality and consistency..

Your staff and customers will recognise the quality this machine and its coffees bring to your business. Lavazza is recognised all over the world as the benchmark for top quality Italian coffee.

Who uses the WMF 1100s?

This coffee machine is used extensively in bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels where there is a low to mid-level requirement for top quality coffee which is consistent and easy to make.

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