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   KEURIG® K-CUP®  coffee is cheaper when you buy from the UK based Stateside Coffee Company
  Keurig® K-Cup® Packs cheaper when you buy from Stateside Coffee Company - based in the UK

If you are looking to buy KEURIG K-CUP PACKS and you are in the United Kingdom, then don't be tempted into buying your K-CUPs from American suppliers.  You will be paying well over the odds, both for your pods, but also for the postage and packing they will charge for importing them to the UK.

DATE POSTED: 16/09/2014

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Now that KEURIG and their K-CUP PACKS are established in the United Kingdom, you really don't need to be sourcing your coffee from North America via the internet.  Stateside Coffee Company are the licensed distributor of KEURIG machines in the UK and we also supply K-CUP PACKS by the case (4 x 24 pod boxes per case for standard Green Mountain coffee).

If you buy four cases or more from us in one order, we will not charge any postage or packing for your coffee. All our coffee is despatched same day for delivery the next working day and sent by courier to ensure personal collection by the correct customer.

Generally, buying K-CUP's from internet sites based in North America or from Ebay or Amazon will see you being charged around 80p to £1.50 per K-CUP by the time you add the cost of postage and packing into the equation.  Some UK based sites also supply K-CUPS, but unlicensed suppliers will charge you a minimum of 70p per pod. 

Even if you only buy one case from Stateside Coffee Company, and have to pay our standard next-day delivery cost, you will be paying far less for your favourite K-CUP Coffee.  To find out exactly how much you will save by ordering your K-CUP coffee directly from Stateside Coffee Company, why not get an immediate quote from us?

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Alternatively, contact our sales office on 01789 491800.

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