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  Serving sub-standard coffee - still acceptable?
  Have your expectations of being served a good cup of coffee been raised?

Outside of a coffee shop, coffee is only ever a supporting or peripheral part of your visit to wherever you are. Yet coffee is now ubiquitous, when was the last time you went anywhere and were unable to get your hands on a cup of coffee?

DATE POSTED: 29/02/2016

Expectations have never been higher when it comes to coffee.

Despite being a supporting act in most environments, the quality of coffee you are served can leave a disproportionate impression on your occasion. As with your summer holiday, where you will often respond with a tirade of frustration about the journey home as opposed to waxing lyrical about the two idyllic weeks on deserted white sand, you may well sum up your trip by recounting the fantastic or dreadful coffee you were served and not about how great the concert was or how well your kids swam.

We have the coffee shop revolution to thank for this. As Amazon has sent a shiver down the spine of any industry providing any form of delivery service, the High Street coffee shop has simply raised the bar of expectation when it comes to coffee – whether you are in a remote field watching your child run in a cross country race or in a restaurant, you still expect High Street coffee quality.

So take yourself out of a social environment and put yourself in a work environment. Work can be tough enough, taking up the bulk of your waking life, often stressful, always demanding. Isn’t that enough of a challenge without having to drink awful coffee as well? Wouldn’t it be much more enjoyable and hence productive, if you could walk down the corridor and get yourself a really good cup of coffee, or tea, or hot chocolate, for you and your workmates?

If you feel you need a conversation over a good cup of coffee about how affordable it can be to raise the spirits and productivity of your workforce, please give me a call.

Adrian can be reached on: Telephone: 01789 491800 Mobile: 07825 626794

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