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  Organic Sumatran Reserve Extra Bold Coffee  


Taste and Character

Exotically lush, sweet and heavy-bodied, born in the mountains of Indonesia, this heavily toasted coffee gives plenty of kick.

Sumatra is one of the world's more exotic coffee destinations ... and peopled by a population of great character. Sumatran coffees tend to show tremendous character, too, and this coffee is certainly no exception. We've updated our roast for the K-Cup® version of this coffee, providing even more distinctiveness ... The roast is now deep and deliciously dark, offering a sweet palate of brown sugar and spice notes. Look for lots of body in this big, bold, and exciting K-Cup® coffee.

Coffee Machines/Brewers
K-CUP® Pods are for use with the K140 and K150P Keurig® Single Serve Brewers. They are simple to use, with no mess. Each pod contains up to 13 grams of coffee per pod - almost twice the amount in competing espresso pods. K-Cup® pods are the leading pod-based coffee in North America.

K-Cup's® in each box
24 pods per box

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