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  Green Mountain French Vanilla Coffee  


Taste and Character

Just try to resist the enticing aromas of this new French Vanilla coffee! Lusciously rich and smooth with the flavours of sweet vanilla cream.

Vanilla is one of the world's most complex and nuanced flavours - which is probably why we love it so much. This new French Vanilla captures even more of the essence of exotic vanilla, and offers a sweet, round, and creamy body, too. The flavours of old-time creamy vanilla custard... now available any time you want a cup of coffee. It may sound too sweet to the British palate, but this coffee actually hits the spot when you want something which is just a little different...

Coffee Machines/Brewers
K-CUP® Pods are for use with the K140 and K150P Keurig® Single Serve Brewers. They are simple to use, with no mess. Each pod contains up to 13 grams of coffee per pod - almost twice the amount in competing espresso pods. K-Cup® pods are the leading pod-based coffee in North America.

K-Cup's® in each box
24 pods per box

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