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   Keurig® and Lavazza® Machines and Single Serve Capsules
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Why Capsule Based Coffee?

  Keurig® and Lavazza® Coffee Machines and Capsules

We have chosen Keurig® and Lavazza® as our partners because their coffee is top quality and their machines are way ahead of the competition.

When considering which machine you should go for, you should decide whether you want quality filter coffee - with a huge variation of tastes and options, or down the espresso route, which provides for the very best quality coffee, but at a greater cost in time and money in each cup's creation.

We have chosen to specialise in Capsule based machines exclusively because they are clean, easy to use and most importantly, provide the best cup of coffee you will get in a business environment. Because the capsule is sealed within moments of the coffee having been ground, it means that every cup served is fresh and of a consistent taste.  Coffee beans can seriously degrade over time unless they are vacuum sealed - delivering sour-tasting coffee, whereas a capsule is fresh and ready whenever you need it.

Bean-to-cup machines may sound like they are the best option for best quality coffee, but if those beans stay in their hopper for more than 24 hours without being used, they become greasy and produce a sour-tasting coffee.  You do not get this problem with capsules.

  The Keurig® Capsule

Keurig® produce their capsules in ultra hygienic surroundings and to exacting standards. 

Each capsule contains top quality coffee and is highly technical in construction in order to deliver consistency and quality every time. Their technology also allows for differing cup sizes to be accommodated without losing the consistency of the blend.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of capsules over traditional filter coffee is that with capsules, each person gets to choose their own personal blend and size of cup.  Capsules give you the ability to serve a huge array of different coffees and specialist drinks from the same machine - and all within a minute.  Compare that to a standard filter coffee system which only provides one blend - which often will sit stewing on a boiling plate for hours before it is served!

People in the UK care about their coffee, and many take it very seriously.  Can you afford to serve sub-standard drinks in a working environment? Capsules is the future for business coffee - as range, consistency and quality are all assured. 

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