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  KEURIG® at home - get started with one of our great value Starter Packs

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    1   KEURIG K140/150 Brewer
Commercial Grade KEURIG Coffee Brewer with UK one year warranty and CE certified. Go for our K140 or top-end K150 - the choice is yours.
    2   K-Cup Pods
Choose from a Special Starbucks or Green Mountain 4 box, (96 pod) Starter Pack.
    3   Go for our starter pack and get...
4 boxes of pods, AND a Keurig Pod Carousel to store your pods
4 Add a great value Milk Frother...
Go for the full monty! We have a limited supply Milk Frothers. Add one so you can make great speciality hot milk drinks with your Brewer.
    5 FREE Delivery
Next working day delivery throughout the UK on orders before 2-00pm Mon-Fri.


The perfect long coffee at home - from a commercial grade brewer



Why the KEURIG K140 Brewer and Pods?
This KEURIG long coffee brewer is the Number one machine in North America and it serves top quality, 100% Arabica long, freshly ground coffees.  It is a commercial grade machine - so it's made to last!  This is NOT an espresso machine - you are getting up to 13 grams of coffee in every K-Cup, which delivers you up to 10 fluid ounces of coffee, tea or chocolate every time - you decide on the size of your coffee!

There are a huge range of coffees, chocolate and teas to choose from including Green Mountain, Starbucks and Twining Teas.  The machine is easy to use, is UK CE compliant, fits into any home kitchen and ordering your pods is easy with Stateside - either call us or click onto our website 24 hours a say to have your pods delivered the next working day.

 - Makes quality long coffees NOT espresso
 - Starbucks coffee at 1/3rd High St. prices
 - Choose cup, mug or thermos size drinks
 - 19 freshly ground coffee varieties
 - Green Mountain, Starbucks & Twinings Tea
 - Speciality drinks eg. Hot Chocolate
 - Easy, online ordering for your pods
 - Free next day delivery on 4 cases+
 - Pay securely by debit or credit card
 - K-CUPs at competitive pricing in the UK

Call our dedicated KEURIG Team on 01789 491800

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