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  KEURIG® K150P Brewer using Green Mountain Coffee® K-CUP® Pack capsules
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 - Robust North American Keurig
® Brewer;
 - Made specifically for office/workplace use;
 - Serves Green Mountain
® & branded coffees;
 - Clean and simple single serve capsules;
 - five different serving volume options;
 - 17 top quality freshly ground coffees and teas;
 - Serves 100+ cups per day;
 - Very easy to operate, no training needed;
 - Will fit in all standard kitchen areas;
 - Best in small office/board rooms/workplace;
 - Requires plumbed-in water access;
 - 24 hour back-to-base repairs.

The K150P Brewer by Keurig® is a step up from the smaller K140 Brewer, but retains the ease of use and good looks of its smaller brother.

Built for serving high volumes of coffee, this machine is very easy to operate and with an average warm-up time of only a minute, and a serve duration of around 50 seconds, it also wins over its opposition in terms of its ability to deliver a better cup of coffee in a timely fashion.

There are FIVE different cup sizes to choose from with every drink you make, the Keurig® K150P allows you to personalise your coffee blend without sacrificing the consistency of quality. 

Like the K140, this machine has been tested in several environments and found it to be extremely durable. The capsule loader is foolproof and the machine is plumbed, so you do not need to hand-fill.

Stateside Coffee will be happy to come to your premises and plumb the machine in on your behalf - usually at no extra cost.  If you are in a soft water area, then the machine has a lime-scale removal mode as well - or we can provide a filter mechanism if the problem is severe. However, the de-scaling function is usually all that is required.

This machine is amongst the most popular office coffee makers in America, and the K-Cup® Pack coffee capsules are present in one in six homes in the country, such is the popularity of Green Mountain® coffee.

 - Standard UK AC electrical socket within one metre
 - Water source within 10 metres.


 - Option of 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz or 12oz servings (cup to flask sizes)
 - Water reservoir holds 1.4 litres (six 8oz servings)
 - 'Automatic On-Off' feature
 - LCD Colour Touchscreen
 - Personalise your coffee feature
 - Commercial grade components
 - Drainable hot water tank allowing for easy relocation
 - Weight: 8.2kg unfilled


- 26.4 cm wide
- 35.5 cm depth
- 35.5 cm height

Comes with:

 - Instructions





There are 17 different capsules which can be used with the K150P Keurig
® Brewer:

Green Mountain Coffee®:
- Breakfast Blend
- Our Blend
- Colombian Fair Trade
- Columbian Decaf Fair Trade
- Kenyan AA
- Organic Sumatran
- Hazelnut Coffee
- French Vanilla
- Three Continent Blend

  Hot Teas:
- Twinings English Breakfast
- Twinings Earl Grey Tea

Barista Prima:
- Columbian Roast
- House Roast
- Italian Roast
- Italian Decaf

- Hot Chocolate

Each K-Cup Pack® coffee/tea option is available to order in cases of 96 or 88 capsules. You can order by phone during office hours or online via your personal login to our website - available 24 hours. Free delivery is provided on all orders of 4 cases or more.

- See the full range of capsules in detail

The K150P Keurig Brewer® is available from Stateside Coffee on a rental or free-on-loan basis.  This ensures that should there be any problem with the machine during the contract, you will receive a replacement Brewer within one working day.

Our rental agreements last from three to five years, during which time your coffee capsules will be supplied by Stateside Coffee at an agreed contractual rate.  If you meet our minimum number of cups served a year, the rental of your K150P Keurig Brewer® is provided without charge.  Drink more than 20 coffees every working day and you will only pay for the cost of your coffee capsules.

The Keurig® Brewing machines hardly ever break down - which is why they are Number 1 in America!  But if your machine should malfunction, you have our peace of mind 24 hour return and fix/replacement promise.

Why rent this machine?

Answer: Quality and Quantity. Your staff and customers will recognise the quality this machine and its coffees bring to your business - delivered in a timely and slick fashion.

Who uses the Keurig
® K150P?

This coffee machine is used by mid-sized offices, large office blocks (some have 3 or 4 machines or a combination of 140 and 150's), solicitors, medical practitioners, retailers, telesales, hairdressers, bars, restaurants, hotels etc.. Even cafe's are recognising the quality this machine can bring to their drinks offering.

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