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  Lavazza® LB2302 Espresso Machine and Capsules
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 - Top quality Lavazza single serve espresso;
 - Office/workplace or cafe/restaurant/bar;
 - Serves Lavazza branded coffees;
 - Clean and simple single serve capsules;
 - Single or Double shot serving options;
 - 10 top quality espresso coffees;
 - Serves over 100 espresso's per day;
 - Very easy to operate, little training needed;
 - Will fit in all standard kitchen areas;
 - Dedicated espresso brewer;
 - Free starter pack of capsules supplied;
 - Hand fill - no plumbing required;
 - 24 hour back-to-base repairs.

This Lavazza LB2302 is the perfect machine for any office, boardroom, shop, cafe or outlet which needs the ability to produce extremely high quality espresso coffee to impress.

At home in the boardroom, headmasters office or in a commercial setting, the LB2302 is a single or double serve espresso machine built to Lavazza's exacting standards and using the very top quality Italian coffee.

This capsule based system operates exactly as a ground coffee or bean to cup system would, but is much cleaner and for those who are only making up to 100 coffees a day, it ensures there is no loss of quality.

This machine has been tested in several environments and found it to be extremely durable. The capsule loader is straightforward and the milk steamer/frother gives the user the ability to create wonderful continental style drinks in a professional manner.

The LB2302 comes as a hand-filled water machine, so filling it up is a simple operation.  If you are in a soft water area, then the machine has a lime-scale removal and cleaning mode.

Every Lavazza machine we provide comes with a 24 hour maintenance service which sees your machine fixed or replaced.

This machine is a proven espresso maker for the small-scale commercial sector and is backed by the Lavazza brand. It uses Lavazza BLUE capsules.

- View the user guide - PDF Version

 - Standard UK AC electrical socket within one metre
 - Power supply: 230 V 50 Hz
 - Water source within nine metres


- Nominal power: 1600 W
- Material: ABS
- Water tank capacity: 4 litres (designed for filter BRITA)
- Drawer holding up to 20 capsules; electric control
- Programmable number of beverages dispensed
- Water temperature electronically controlled
- Removable and washable vertical mechanical brewing unit
- Activating cup warmer
- Rinsing can be started using the button on the front panel
- Descaling, standby, washing of the unit can be done through the user menu
- Steam spout
- Setting: dosing, pre-infusion and temperature


- 32.7 cm wide
- 47.3 cm depth
- 39.1 cm height
- Weight 10.5kg

Comes with:

 - Coffee capsule starter pack
 - Instructions




There are 8 bestselling capsules which can be used with the Lavazza BLUE LB2302 espresso machine:

Lavazza Coffee Capsules:
- Tierra Intenso
- Tierra Intenso Double Shot
- Rotondo
- Rotondo Double Shot
- Intenso
- Intenso Double Shot
- Cafe Crema Dolce
- Decaffeinato

Each espresso option is available to order in boxes of 100 capsules. You can order by phone during office hours or online via your personal login to our website - available 24 hours. Free delivery is provided on all orders of 4 boxes or more. We are happy to advise on which coffee capsules will be best for your business.

- See the full range of capsules in detail

The Lavazza LB2302 is available from Stateside Coffee on a rental basis.  This ensures that should there be any problem with the machine during the contract, you will receive a maintenance call and fix or replacement within one working day - essential if you are serving espressos as part of your business.

Our rental agreements last five years, during which time you pay as little as £5.00 per week for your machine and pay for your coffee capsules as you require them.  Your capsules will be supplied by Stateside Coffee at an agreed contractual rate.

These Lavazza BLUE machines are made specifically for commercial use and are very robust.  But if your machine should malfunction, you have our peace of mind 24 hour return and fix/replacement promise.

Why rent this Lavazza BLUE machine?

Answer: Solid, quality espresso machine and with excellent ease of use.

Your staff and customers will recognise the quality this machine and its coffees bring to your business. Lavazza is recognised all over the world as the benchmark for top quality Italian coffee.

Who uses the Lavazza LB2302?

This coffee machine is used by bars, restaurants and hotels where there is a mid-level requirement for top quality coffee which is consistent and easy to make. It is also increasingly being used in boardrooms and by businesses who take pride in providing visitors and their staff the very best in hot refreshment. 

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