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  Nestle® Alegria 8/60 and 8/120 - eight drink options and 60 to 200 cups served a day
Alternatives: Nestle® Alegria 6/30 - Nestle Alegria 8/60 &120 - Nestle Milano 6/30 - Nestle Milano 8/30 & 120 - Nestle Milano Lounge


Nescafe Alegria 8/60 & 8/120

 - Good looking machines - Nescafe branded;
 - Large Office/workplace or busy cafe/bar;
 - Serves Nescafe Alegria branded coffees;
 - Clean, simple and consistent hot drinks;
 - Eight drinks with simple push button options;
 - Alegria quality, speciality coffees;
 - Serving 60 to 200 speciality drinks per day;
 - Very easy to operate, little training needed;
 - Hand fill or plumbed options;
 - Point of sale material included;
 - Servicing and marketing all included;
 - Easy coffee restocking;
 - 9oz or 12oz drink volume settings

  Alegria 8/60 & 8/120 overview   Nestle Alegria 8/120 technical  
The Nescafe Alegria 8/60 and the 8/120 are sister machines - and your choice will be determined by what volume of drinks you serve per day.  The 60 will go up to 100 drinks a day, the 120 up to 200. They are the machine of choice for large businesses who are looking to gain consistency and time savings.

The Alegria 8 series serves a range of eight speciality coffees, with a quality which will beat any serve and pour, in-cup and many pod based machines.  It really beats the competition with is versatility and production of consistently high quality hot drinks. What's more, the instantly recognisable Nestle and Nescafe brand will prove popular with staff and customers.

You can run the machine from either a plumbed or water-fill option, however, we would strongly recommend the plumbed option for such a high-use machine. 

Refilling coffee supplies is straightforward and the machine is simple to keep clean. The dispensing times are among the fastest in the market, below 15 seconds per drink, ensuring queuing is kept to a minimum.

What makes all Nestle machines stand out from the competition is the after-sales service. A Nestle 'Coffee Ambassador' will visit your premises once every six months to check your machine, service it and help you to get the most from its products. This is at no extra cost to the rental. 

The 8 series machines will easily create up to 200 cups of specialist coffee a day. 

- View the Alegria 8 series buying guide - PDF Version

 - Standard UK AC electrical socket within one metre
 - Power supply: 230 V/50-60 Hz
 - Water source within nine metres


- Nominal power: 1700 to 2000 W
- Material: ABS
- Water pressure: 1 to 8 bar
- Drink selections: 8 (14 with decaf)
- Refill canisters: 4
- Water temperature electronically controlled
- Removable and washable bowls and tubes
- Push button rinse facility
- Rinsing can be started using the buttons on the front panel
- Boiler capacity: 7.0L
- No refrigeration requirement
- Dispensing time - Espresso 10 secs, Latte 12 secs
- 9oz or 12oz volume settings


- 60.5cm height
- 61cm depth
- 45cm width





  Coffee options for the Alegria   Buying a Nestle Alegria 8/60  
The Alegria 8/60 or 8/120 requires Nescafe Alegria branded coffee, powdered milk and hot chocolate canisters to contain product in order to produce its drinks:

You can choose to serve any of the eight drinks options (14 if decaf coffee is also added into canister 4):

- Cappuccino
- Latte
- Hot water for tea
- Espresso
- Black coffee
- White coffee
- Hot Chocolate
- Mocha

The eight options can be altered and changed at will, and you may even programme the machine to vend. A coin operated version is available.

Each canister is filled from within the machine and requires no training in order to complete the operation. Refills are available in 500gm or 1kg airtight bags. You can order by phone during office hours or online via your personal login to our website - available 24 hours. Free delivery is provided on all orders of 4 cases (10kg per case) or more.

- See the full range of Alegria refills in detail
The Alegria 8/60 and 8/120 are available from Stateside Coffee on a rental basis. This ensures that should there be any problem with the machine during the contract, you will receive a maintenance call and fix or replacement within one working day - essential if you dependent on its daily revenue as part of your business.

Our rental agreements last five years, during which time you pay as little as £28.00 per week for your machine and pay for your coffee refills as you require them.  Your coffee, milk and chocolate supplies will be supplied by Stateside Coffee at an agreed contractual rate.

The range of Nestle machines come complete with a comprehensive maintenance and repair provision.  You will also benefit from a range of point of sale materials which you can utilise to help promote your Nestle products.

Why rent this Alegria machine?

Answer: Quality, branded coffee which is better than most customers or staff will drink at home and which is consistently profitable at a low price-point.

Your staff and customers will love the choice from this machine and be impressed with the quality. Nestle have over 10,000 of these Alegria machines in the marketplace and they are very popular with clients, because of their ease of use through to the simple re-stocking and cleaning regime required.

Who uses the Alegria 8/60 and 8/120?

This coffee machine is used by busy restaurants, bars and hotels where there is a heavy use requirement for quality branded coffee which is consistent and easy to make. It is also increasingly being used in workplace canteens, pubs, clubs and in stadiums.. 

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