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   Coffee Machine and Espresso Machine Rental for business from Stateside Coffee
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Why Capsule Based Coffee?


Rental of Keurig®, Lavazza® and Nestle Professional Coffee Machines

At Stateside Coffee we do not sell coffee machines and then disappear. Having had plenty of experience in the hot drinks market, we believe that the best option for our clients is to have a hot drink supplier upon whom they can rely.

That's why each of our machines is provided either on rental, or free-on-loan.  This means that should there be any breakdowns or even niggling issues with your machine, we will either have a fully competent coffee machine technician call within 24 hours of the problem being reported, or we will swap out your machine.

With some brewers we will arrange for them to be collected, and a new machine will arrive at the same time.  This gives our customers peace of mind - knowing that whatever happens during your contract with us, you will never be without an operating hot drinks machine for longer than a couple of days.

Free on Loan Rentals

The Keurig 140 Brewer and Keurig 150 Brewer are available on FREE Rental, if you commit to using a certain number of capsules each working day.  If you expect to make more than 10 drinks a day with the 140, or 20 drinks a day with the 150, you could qualify for a free rental of your coffee machine.

Our Lavazza Brewers are available on rental from as little as £5.00 per week - request a quote and see how you can save on costs and still have peace of mind when it comes to maintenance.

Some of our Nestle Professional machines can be made available free on loan, when your business model suits this sort of arrangement.  Our field sales people will be able to provide you with a full costing after they have assessed your need. Our WMF Bean to Cup machines are only available on a lease basis.

Whether you are leasing or renting, all our contracts come with 24 hour servicing and call-out as standard.  This is why rented equipment is so prevalent in coffee - as it provides you with peace of mind that your business will be up and running very quickly, should a problem occur with your machine. 

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